3 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Kennith Bogan

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If you have decided that your bathroom could use some sprucing up, there are simple upgrades you can make. bathroom countertops portland, for example, can act as the centerpiece of your renovation. You can create a theme around the style, design and material-type you pick. Often, you will have the opportunity to choose your slab, then, your contractor will complete the work.

Here are three bathroom renovation tips.


The amount of items that you keep in your bathroom is not negligible. Furthermore, many of those items gets used frequently. This makes adding proper storage, like shelving, to your bathroom worthwhile. Professionals have come up with optimal heights for towel racks, the vanity and shelves. Since the average bathroom is a small room, it is easy to knock things over. Open shelves and nooks give toiletries and other items a proper place to sit.


For those who use the bathroom as the place where they put on their make up, shave or examine themselves one last time before leaving their home, flawless lighting is a must. Overhead lighting is great for illuminating the entire area, and sconces and pendants are great for illuminating specific areas, like the vanity mirror. Adding layers of light helps turn it into a serene place where you can enjoy a relaxing bath. You may opt to light candles around the bathtub, but if safety is a concern, you can install lights around it, instead. You can opt for incandescent or fluorescent bulbs as it has become a matter of preference.


Toilets have evolved as much as other appliances, fixtures and related technology. When you renovate your bathroom, if you are not currently happy with the way your toilet operates, this is a great time to find one that does. Your toilet should not hesitate when it is flushed and it should be easy to clean.

Renovating any room in your home is a blank canvas on which you can paint your wishes. When you renovate your bathroom, consider
bathroom countertops portland as well as the storage, lighting and toilet.

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