June 6, 2020


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3 Must-Do Home Maintenance Tips Before Winter

Many people are familiar with. It happens when a solid object falls to the floor or the surface it is on. If it falls on a hard surface, it can cause a loud explosion that will knock the person down. Rising damp is a hazard in your home, and you should know how to effectively deal with it.

As hot summer temperatures start to drop and leaves begin to fall, it’s time to take care of some exterior home maintenance and repairs. Winters on the east coast can get cold and wet, so tackling some important tasks early can protect your home and property from damage.

Do a Roof Inspection

Before winter weather arrives, it’s important to do a roof inspection to look for damage that can result in water leaks. Minor repairs like cracked, broken, loose, or missing shingles can lead to major water damage to your attic and roof structure and interior walls and ceilings. These types of water damages can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Whether you climb up on the roof yourself or hire a professional for a roof inspection, repairs should be completed before winter.

Remove Debris from Gutters

Gutter maintenance and repairs are often overlooked by many homeowners, but they shouldn’t be. If your gutters are clogged from leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris, they can’t drain properly. With the first heavy rain, your gutters will fill up with water that has no place to go. Standing water in your gutters can cause damage to your roof and attic, exterior flashing, and siding. It will also attract outdoor pests and insects like mice and rats, roaches, flies, and mosquitoes. For added protection, think about installing gutter covers. They are a simple, affordable way to keep debris out of your gutters.

Inspect and Clean the Chimney

When cold winter weather arrives, you’ll probably want to build a cozy fire in your fireplace to keep you warm. Before you do, it’s important to look for damage and clean your chimney with to prevent a house fire. The interior of your chimney can house creosote build-up, all types of debris, and even little nests built by birds and squirrels to stay warm and raise their young. By installing a simple wire chimney cap, you can prevent future nests.

Don’t let winter weather take a toll on your home. Regular maintenance and repairs will protect your home from costly repairs and keep you safe and warm during the winter.