5 Colorful Design Ideas to Improve the Appearance of Your Kitchen

Kennith Bogan

Is your kitchen décor due for an overhaul? Or, perhaps you just moved into a new home and need to totally renovate the previous owner’s style and interior designs? Whatever your case may be, this article has a few ways you can add colorful, appearance-improving décor to your kitchen.


Add a Peel & Stick Backsplash Behind Your Oven

Peel and stick backsplashes are some of the most fun and creative décor ideas you can implement in your kitchen. If you have a wide expanse of wall behind your oven, you can add a flourish of décor with a backsplash that matches your overall kitchen theme.


Match Up Your Appliance Colors

Look around your kitchen. What are your prevalent décor colors? Most appliances can be found in colorful alternatives for a higher price, but the starters, like silver, black, and white, can complement your décor just as well. Silver, black, and white also have a knack for going with almost everything—ergo, you should match the sleekness of your décor colors with the sleekness of your modern appliances.


5 Colorful Design Ideas to Improve the Appearance of Your Kitchen

Have an organization system, where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. Spice racks, pan shelves, and hanging wall folders are some of the best organizing tools you can purchase for the tidiness of your kitchen.


5 Colorful Design Ideas to Improve the Appearance of Your Kitchen

Natural wood floors make your best kitchen colors POP, while lending a natural beauty to your overall home interior décor. That said, true wood floors can be expensive. However, there are peel and stick tiles that you can DIY to get the look of a natural wood floor without the budget-busting expenses. Hence, you get the same appeal and style, but get to keep the cash in your bank account. When in doubt, invest in some advice from Chicago general contractors.


Pick a Focus Color for Towels and Accessories

You don’t want to overwhelm your décor with a single abundant color, so use the secondary hue for hand towels and kitchen accessories. It allows everything to match in an organized way, without cluttering your kitchen with the same tone.

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