5 Ways Of Getting Bed Bugs Under Control

Kennith Bogan

Bedbugs are annoying critters. Even though there are no known diseases transmitted by bed bugs, these parasitic bugs can turn your comfort zone into a living hell. Before you learn bed bug pest control techniques, it is important to understand a few facts about them:

Physical characteristics and habits

 An adult bedbug which is reddish-brown, oval, and flat, can be seen with naked eyes. Its body is about ¼” -5/8” long. The flat body allows a bedbug to squeeze itself in tight spaces, especially in cracks. They lay eggs in their hideouts and not on the host.

You will find bed bugs everywhere, no matter the climatic conditions. They normally bite people at night but they can do it during the daytime when the infestation is heavy. They also feed on animal blood- rabbits and bats. You might be wondering how bed bugs got into your house. They could have been brought with furniture especially the old one or second-hand bedding materials.

A bedbug goes through an incomplete metamorphosis: egg-nymph-adult. Its average lifespan of 4 years under lab conditions but it can survive for multiple months in normal conditions. One of the reasons bedbugs are hard to eliminate is that they can withstand long periods without meals for 6 to 9 months

Natural Bed Bug Pest Control Techniques


  • Heat treatment

 If you call professionals to take care of your bed bug problem, they are more likely to use this method. The process starts with inspecting bedbug-infested areas and removal of heat-sensitive belongings. Then the room temperature is raised using special equipment (space heaters cannot do this). The adult bugs plus their lifecycles start dying at 113°F. The heat can reach any bedbug no matter its hideout.


  • Declutter your house

 A stuffed place facilitates a conducive environment for bedbug activity. Locating where the bugs are hidden can be difficult when trying to navigate the cluttered room. If you spot bedbugs in your bedroom, start with clearing up and cleaning the room. Also, cover your mattresses with special encasements so that the bugs will find it hard to hide in mattress seams. If you can leave the encasement stay in place for a whole year, you will have starved the existing ones and prevented further invasion. Make sure you clean your house after decluttering.


  • Caulk and seal cracks

Bedbugs can penetrate cracked floor and walls through small holes. Check the walls, corners, baseboards, and the molding to see if there are any harbors for bedbugs. Seal every hole, crack, and crevice to discourage bedbugs.

Exterminating bed bugs is not easy but it is certainly possible. You don’t have to toss away all of your infested items. There is no need to panic. Just call a professional exterminator to help you out. Do not just go for the spray can- you will be doing more harm than good. The best bed bug pest control methods are comprehensive and environmentally friendly. And that is what true professional use.

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