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As new parents you are excited and immediately begin baby proofing your home, but you may forget that the outdoor areas need baby proofing too. If these exterior places aren’t safe for small children, you’ll be spending most of your time indoors. This is frustrating for you and does nothing for the children. Allow them to burn off their pent up energy outside after you take the following steps.

Choose a Designated Play Area

You won’t be able to make the entire world danger free, but you can focus on one little spot to make safer. Decide where you and the kids will spend the most time. This is often a backyard. The first step is to enclose the space so children can’t run off. You’ll find the fence companies Clearwater FL has such as Family Fence Tampa can help.

Clear the Play Area Out

Walk around your play area and look for hidden dangers. Do you have lots of garden tools and equipment sitting out? A small shed or tool closet can provide a place where these dangerous pieces can be locked away. Move grills to another location to avoid mishaps while cooking. You can cover exterior outlets just like you would inside, and pull out tree roots and rocks that are tripping hazards.

Add Appropriate Play Toys

A child that is bored will find nothing better to do than get into trouble. Outside, this can be dangerous. Fill your play area with age appropriate toys. Choose swing sets, sand boxes, and other such items they will find amusing, but save the baby pool for another spot. Even a bin full of play balls, toy trucks, and pretend garden tools can provide hours of entertainment.

Once you know your exterior spaces are safe for every member of the family, you can all enjoy some wonderful times outside. You will have greatly reduced their chances of getting hurt, but always remember that baby proofing is no substitute for proper supervision.

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