Building a Solid Foundation – The Home Depot Flooring A-Z

Kennith Bogan

What is actually beneath your feet (or even so you get about) is as critical as anything at all when it arrives to house. Which is why this fall, we collaborated with The Household Depot on an A to Z tutorial that’ll give you the assurance to make flooring alternatives you can love. Examine out the A to Z handbook below.


Powering just about every productive house flooring effort, there’s a robust guidance system in place that assures all new projects have a correct foundation. It can be tempting to dive proper in when you have absent head-around-heels for the eco-pleasant bamboo of your desires or have the tile sample for your kitchen area just proper. (Rely on us, we know.)

But the essential significance of making positive your new flooring has the guidance it justifies will assurance you will be strolling on something strong and stunning for several years to come. Luckily, The Household Depot is a one-stop store for flooring prep.


What is actually beneath there, anyway?


“People often know what form of flooring they want to set down, but what they really have to have to inquire themselves is, ‘What’s on the flooring now?’” says general contractor Joe Truini, who is also the host of “Simple Solutions” on Today’s Homeowner Television. That means: If your foyer has sheet vinyl flooring and you want to set tile, you initial have to have to determine out what’s beneath the vinyl.

When you take away flooring that is already in place and look at the problem of what’s beneath, you can discover some circumstances easier to deal with than others. “In the simplest scenario, there’s carpeting that has plywood beneath,” Truini points out. “You rip up the carpeting, then in a couple of hrs the room’s down to bare plywood and you have a clean up slate to guidance whatever it is you want to set down.”

And keep in intellect the new flooring you have chosen. For illustration, with a floating laminate flooring, the problem of the subfloor will not really issue. But, there are critical subfloor policies for elements like porcelain and stone tile, which just isn’t adaptable and can crack with any movement or deflection.


Very first things initial: underlayment

One particular of the bedrock elements when setting up a new flooring is underlayment, which presents a cushion for the flooring that stops squeaks and creaks when strolling (particularly critical if the flooring is around, say, a dwelling area). “The underlayment also evens out any small imperfections in the subfloor, so if the plywood has a small little bit of an imperfection in the seam, you would not see that in the flooring,” says Truini.

Self-leveling underlayment, for illustration, is a a lot more latest innovation that does specifically what its identify describes: presents a flooring protection barrier that seeks its personal degree in minutes of staying rolled out. It also dries in hrs, preserving a terrific deal of time when laying new carpet, vinyl planks, or tile. It can even get rid of set up difficulties like bond failure, which is generally prompted by humidity identified in conventional underlayment. (A lot more about underlayment can be identified “under” letter U!)

When creating a foundation for any new flooring, but particularly one in rooms that will be prone to splashing or damp rain boots, it pays to just take waterproofing safety measures. Glimpse for waterproofing solutions like a sealant, regardless of whether roll-on or aerosol sprayed, to prevent seepage or cracks in tile and stone flooring, or even decide for making use of a water-proof backer board to the subfloor to produce humidity barrier. (This arrives in handy for toilet renovations.)


Will not forget the major image

In addition to these palms-on, nitty gritty ways, preparing for a new flooring calls for a excellent little bit of major image wondering. Ensuring that the new flooring will not be far too tall (or brief) for present exterior doorways is a major worry, as is double checking that significant appliances and electronics are all turned off (and, probably, removed) during the flooring change up.

“Homeowners have to have to think about their job in the flooring career…Think about what ‘tools’ you can most effective bring to the desk.”

And, generally speaking, know your strengths and weaknesses with the activity at hand, advises general contractor Mark Clement. “Homeowners have to have to think about their job in the flooring career. Are you the designer? Are you the colour pro? Are you the texture man or woman? Or are you the nuts-and-bolts installer? Think about what ‘tools’ you can most effective bring to the desk.” In other words and phrases: be sincere with yourself if this is most effective left to a professional rather of a Do-it-yourself career.

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