FAROLITO: Light a Little Lantern

Kennith Bogan
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However sociable and vigorous you might be, from time to time you need some relaxation. Everyone needs it. Everybody has their own way of ‘recharging batteries’. Reading or just relaxing in silence are among the most popular. That’s why people tend to have a special place at home (usually in a living room) where they can take a break and chill out for a while. This island of tranquility is sometimes called a reading corner and usually consists of a cozy armchair, a floor lamp and a coffee table.   

Well, you can well do without the latter – if your table lamp is FAROLITO. It is a floor lamp with a handy tray from Bellavista Collection. Although this brand mostly specializes in producing Italian luxury furniture, its assortment of top-quality designer lighting fixtures is, by all means, worth your attention.

How to find FAROLITO on Bellavista’s website? From the home page move to the section named Products. At this webpage, you will see product categories, both in the form of a dropdown menu and clickable self-explanatory images. The names of these categories are also self-explanatory, except, maybe, DULCECHINA COLLECTION, where the pieces created mostly in 2018 are gathered. All these items are united by the same general idea – their look bears certain features of Oriental design. When creating those pieces, Attilio Zanni, Bellavista’s brilliant designer, was inspired by the mysterious, ever-charming Orient. After being successfully showcased at both Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris (highly prestigious trade exhibitions for furniture makers), these items are now available to all from the company’s website, where they are conveniently placed into a separate product category. As for the pieces created in 2019, you will find them, if you click WHAT’S NEW.

As for the rest, it’s easy to guess that BOISERIE and TABLES categories contain… well, boiserie and tables. In CASEGOODS category you will find a variety of furniture pieces that provide plenty of storage space, such as cabinets and sideboards. HOME DÉCOR category offers lots of lovely items that will turn your house or apartment into a real home. UPHOLSTERED PIECES category contains sofas, armchairs, upholstered dining chairs, etc.

NIGHT category is all about furnishing bedrooms. If you need a bed or bedside table, take a look at the excellent furniture pieces there. 

A great variety of lighting fixtures is waiting for you in LIGHTING category. The names of the sub-categories clearly suggest what exactly you will find there: TABLE LAMPS, CHANDELIERS, CANDLE HOLDERS SCONCES, and FLOOR LAMPS. 

Clicking FLOOR LAMPS sub-category will redirect you to the webpage with eight beautiful and exceptionally diverse lighting fixtures, either of which will surely look nice in your reading corner. 

In fact, all these lamps are worth your attention. Nevertheless, you will instantly notice that three floor lamps at the top of the page – CAROL, ADALPINA and FAROLITO – have handy trays, which make these lamps a perfect choice if you like sitting in an arm-chair and have a few things you constantly need within your arm’s reach. Here are just a few examples of what you can put onto such a tray: a pocketbook or an e-reader; a cup of coffee or a glass of juice; a pen and a notepad… You can simply sit back and relax and needn’t lean forward to the coffee table to take or put something. 

If you sort the table lamps by popularity, you’ll see that the two most popular lamps – ADALPINA and FAROLITO – have trays, with FAROLITO on the top of the list. 

Beautility of FAROLITO

Spanish word ‘farolito’, if translated into English, means “little lantern”. Designed in 2019, this lamp has already been showcased at Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the oldest, the biggest and the most prestigious trade exhibition for furniture makers and other professionals whose activities are connected with interior design. In fact, there were two lamps with trays in Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth: ADALPINA and FAROLITO, and both attracted plenty of the attendees’ attention. Now, these lamps top the list of the most popular floor lamps.   

FAROLITO is a middle-sized lamp: it’s 132 centimeters (52 inches) high with a lampshade 28 centimeters (11 inches) in diameter. FAROLITO ‘s structure is made of brass; finish on the base and the lower part of the pole, refined by hand, resembles hammered antique bronze. The rest of the structure and the lower part of the lampshade is coated with regular antique bronze finish. The lampshade looks really gorgeous: its lower part is in brass with antique bronze finish, which perfectly harmonizes with polyester of its the top part. The white light screen made of opaline plexiglass serves as a finishing touch, making this remarkable lamp look exceedingly elegant.  

The round tray is in brass with antique bronze finish; it girdles round the pole of the lamp, which makes it accessible from either side. So, you can well place FAROLITO between two armchairs and share both the lamplight and the tray with your darling.

The tray’s insert is made of saddle leather with matching stitches and looks respectable indeed. 

The lamp has a two-way power switch with a dimmer. Since Bellavista Collection cares for the needs of the customers living all over the globe, it offers two options of the lamp for different voltages: 220V-50 HZ (for the European countries) and 110V-60 HZ (for the USA). Both versions of the lamp are equipped with two LED Lights: one 25w and one 10.7w. The FAROLITO ‘s cable is of lovely-looking bright red color.

Like actually any piece from Bellavista Collection, FAROLITO lamp is a perfect example of beautility, i.e. effective combination of grand look with usefulness. Not only is this lamp beautiful – it is practical as well. Attilio Zanni, the extremely talented designer who created FAROLITO, always manages to find the right design solution, so that each piece he creates is both beautiful and utilitarian in the best sense of this word. 

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