Fast Facts About Refacing Cabinets

Kennith Bogan

When the cabinets are in need of repair on the surface, many people think that the only option is to completely replace the cabinets. However, there is actually a better solution that is usually much easier and definitely more economical than total replacement. This procedure is known as cabinet refacing portland or.

Essentially, cabinet refacing consists of placing new solid wood panels to both the sides and to the front of the panels of the already-in-place cabinets. The actual constructive structure of the cabinets is exactly the same, they are the same cabinets that have always been there, but they look completely different because they have been refaced with different looking wood, maybe even different colored wood.

One of the truly ingenious things about this method is that even if the cabinets are made out of cheaper wood such as pine, panels of more expensive wood such as oak or mahogany can be affixed so that the illusion is given that there is much more expensive cabinetry in place than what is normally available.

Most homeowners cannot tell the difference between cabinets which have been completely replaced and cabinets which have merely undergone a facelift via cabinet refacing. In fact, one of the things that most homeowners report truly enjoying is the fact the job can be done without ever removing the cabinets at all. This is one reason why it such an economical option to the homeowner, it really is a “no muss no fuss” kind of project.

As you can see, there is no reason at all to replace the cabinets entirely unless there is some form of structural damage that makes them physically unusable. By simply taking the time to hire a refacing company, the homeowner is not only saving money but saving themselves a bit of stress as well.

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