How to choose Best Fan For Grow Tent

Kennith Bogan

We all know that a grow tent fan is most used accessories. If you are professional or beginner grower, it’s doesn’t matter. The fan play an important role to keep healthy environment inside of grow tent and help to grow the plant very fast.

Why You Need Fan for Grow Tent

We need fresh air for breathe, plants need too. But when you grow your awesome plant in grow tent, not possible to open the window all time. Because there are many problems such as pests, pets, and children. If you open the whole window they can damage your weeds. That’s why you need a fan to fresh air inside of your tent. The fan ensure to keep healthy environment and help your plant breathe well.

 How to choose Right Fan for Grow Tent

Usually, there are many types of fan available on the market but all are not good. There are some product have ideal features and qualification which your plants need. You should keep in mind that have to select best fan for grow tent.

When you buy a fan at first aspect you have to look at the CMF rating. It inform you how much cubic per minute. The high CMF rating is good because it indicate that fan able to more air flow. The fan materials also very important because long lasting performance depend on materials.

 Which fan has speed controls system, you can consider about that. Because if the fan has speed controls system, you can control the fan speed easily. Generally it has speed level such as low, medium and high. If you need more air flow you can select high level, if you need small less air flow select the medium and for totally less airflow switch the low button.

The Remote control features make you more comfortable to use the fan. You can operate your fan with the remote from small distance. So just imagine how much it will easier your life to use the fan.

Another most important aspect that is your grow tent size. At first calculate your tent size and select a fan which can covered all area of your tent. Suppose if you have 10 by 10 grow tent and you buy any small size fan, it can’t covered all the area. But if you have 2 by 2 tent, it can easily cover the whole area.

If you are a professional grower and you have a big grow tent where you grow much of plants, you need multiple fan. Otherwise your plant not get enough fresh air and the environment will unhealthy. Obviously you know that plants not grow fast in unhealthy environment.

Now I suggest you spend some times to find out the best fan for grow tent or grow room. If you don’t have enough time for research the market, visit amazon, ebay, home adopt. There are many real users leave their opinion and review about some particular product. You can get idea which fan is one of the best and customer trusted. Go ahead and buy without more thinking.

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