How to Create a Welcoming Front Yard for Your Guests

Kennith Bogan

When most people invite guests to their home, they look at the presentability of their backyard, where their neighbors and loved ones might congregate for a barbecue or summertime swim.

However, your front yard is what your guests see first, so spruce it up this summer to create a positive atmosphere to welcomes your guests as they arrive.

Make a Whimsical Path from Cobblestone or Jagged Rock

Whimsical here means winding and swirling—something reminiscent of the Yellow Brick Road or an Alice in Wonderland pathway. Use cobblestones or jagged inlaid rocks to create that look of fantasy, leading your guests right to your front door.

Build a House-Side Flower Garden

Flower gardens are gorgeous wherever they are, but a side-house flower garden graces guests with beautiful blossoms and blooms to bolster their mood before they reach your front door. Make your flower garden inviting and colorful, with a wide selection of both perennial and annual flowers to line the sides of your home.

Make Sure Your Home Exterior is Presentable and Inviting

Don’t greet guests with an eyesore. Your house represents who you are, so fix up the front yard exterior to be organized and well-put together. Your home should be presentable and inviting to your guests from the get-go; ergo, you should invest in fixing up those shutters, repainting your porch, and replacing that squeaky board on your deck steps.

Green Up Your Grass and Mow Your Lawn

Green grass and a well-maintained, mowed lawn are inviting and representative of a tidy, organized person. Invest in a sprinkler system St Louis to perk up your lawn first thing in the morning and last thing at dusk. These are welcoming elements you want to convey to your guests, as a poorly kept lawn and home exterior are often precursors to a poorly kept house interior. Think of your front yard as your first impression.

Furnish Your Front Porch

If you have a front porch or deck, look into wicker furniture with nice cushions. Or, better yet, snag a porch swing for that touch of comfortable nostalgia that reminds you of your grandma’s old house. When you furnish your front porch, you can sit with guests to watch the world go by.

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