July 10, 2020


Trendy Luxury


The architectural design of today’s modern homes places more attention on the structural details of the garage door.  The aesthetics of the entire building can be enhanced by the presence of this item if it is well-styled.

Door manufacturers have taken centre stage for a while fabricating elegant entrances for garages – no modern high-end home design would be without it.  It is the perfect way to enhance your home’s look.

Carry on reading for updates on the latest trends in home beautification with gorgeous garage portals!


Many factors must be considered when shopping for your garage door whether it is for a new home or current home improvement. Durability, cost, design and maintenance are all important.  The main point of significance in most expert opinions is the type of material to be used.

The texture of the material determines the durability, cost and maintenance.  This is why it must be given the most consideration before buying any door.


  • Various styles, stock designs and colours
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Anti-rust properties
  • Light weight, allowing for easy maneuvering
  • Lesser durability in relation to steel


  • Variety of styles, stock finishes ad colours
  • Sturdier than aluminum
  • Prone to rust if exposed to certain elements of weather


  • A conventional choice
  • More affordable
  • Requires routine maintenance

Fibreglass/Pvc Overlay

  • Vast range of styles and designs from which to choose
  • More durable than wood and metal but with poor malleability
  • Latest technology that is does not have the same wide availability as the others
  • Costs more than metal but is less expensive than solid wood

Choosing the style that best suits your home

After making the right choice of material to use, the style in which the materials are produced is also important. The style and material should be carefully selected to deliver the best aesthetic complementary effect on the façade of the home. Listed below are the different assorted styles and designs to choose from.

 Victorian/Georgian style

  • Paneled wood (or lookalikes)
  • Coach house or stable look
  • Twined-light windows, technically aligned with house windows
  • Decorative hardware components such as iron hinges or handles

 Arts & Crafts/Edwardian

  • Elevated panels or sections
  • Arch-top or divided-light windows that blend into your home’s windows

The Early 20th-Century Ranch Style

  • Plain design with little decorative horizontal finishes.
  • Simple hardware designs that offer balance with the entire aesthetics of home’s ambient
  • It may not have handles on it.

Modern Style

  • This style is the most dynamic among the options because you are free to make the choice of material and detail finishing that suit your taste
  • Some of the available options are V-ribbed or horizontal banding, stained wood, pebbled or frosted glass.

Pick the Right Color

  • It makes more sense to select the right colour that will blend with the color tone of the primary This has a way of making up a unique synergy between your doors and the theme of the overall structure. Colors that will look odd from the rest of the theme should be avoided.
  • Matching the color of the garage door with your home’s window trim is better than matching it with the front door. Alternatively, choose a color that blends with your brick.


After considering all the factors and component mentioned earlier, it is of great importance to also put the security capability, the ease of installation and operational safety into consideration. Make sure you buy doors that will render the level of security you need it for and can also be installed easily.

If you carefully follow this guide, you are sure of making the right choice when shopping for garage doors.

A special thanks to Ben from PRESTIGE DOORS.