Putting Up a Basketball Hoop

Kennith Bogan

Basketball is a fun game you can play by yourself or with a group of people. While you can shoot baskets at a neighboring school or at the park, it is far more convenient to do so at home. Here are a few steps to put a hoop up in your yard.

Find a Flat Surface

You need to determine where you want to mount your pole so you can hang the hoop. While a concrete slab tulsa ok would be the ideal place to do this, you can also hang it beside your driveway if the incline is minimal. If you have the space and the extra money to do so, you might want to pour a new spot to play on.

Get What You Need

Go shopping for the basketball system that you want and take note of the tools you will need. Once you have it home, gather those tools together so you can start the installation including a bag of cement. Be certain that everything is at hand so you can prevent interruptions to your work.

Bury the Pole

When you have everything together, dig a hole onto the ground where you want the hoop to be. You want large enough to fit the pole and add concrete yet small enough that there is little room for it to move. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the basketball system to see how deep to make it. Mount the board to the pole to prepare it to be risen up.

Put Up the Board

You will want a couple friends on hand to insert the pole in the ground and set it. Drop the pole in the hole then hold it while someone else pours the prepared concrete around it. Be sure it is centered and find something to brace it until it dries. Let it be for at least twenty-four hours before you play.

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