April 13, 2018


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Summer Money Savings Tips for Your HVAC System

It is nearly impossible to think of spending an entire summer in Tampa without using the air conditioning portion of your HVAC system when the temperatures climb. Below are a few ways you can trim back the cost and stay cool.

Regular Maintenance

Have your HVAC system regularly serviced before summer gets underway. Routine maintenance services will change the filter, clean the coils, and check that everything is in good working order. The more efficiently your system runs, the more money you will save each month in keeping your home cool this summer. It is the perfect way to detect a problem in the HVAC components before the system falters and fails during operation.

Open All Vents

Open all vents in the home while the air conditioning portion of your HVAC system is in operation. The complete circulation of air is required for the system to work as designed. You will wreck the efficiency and cause strain on the system, which can lead to premature breakdowns.

Close Drapes or Blinds On Sun-Facing Windows

Limit opening doors during the hottest part of the day and close all drapes and blinds in the sun-facing windows. You can ease the stress on the HVAC system as it cycles to keep the air inside the house cool. Less cycling saves you money.

Use Air Circulating Ceiling Fans

The only thing better than cool air in your home on a hot summer day is circulating cool air. You will experience fewer areas of hot spots and cold spots by using overhead circulating ceiling fans. Create a better mix of air throughout the house using ceiling fans, and it will feel more pleasant inside.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

The benefits of using a programmable thermostat can set the temperature at money-saving temperatures when you are gone. You can adjust the setting for times of warmer temperatures during the week and longer periods of AC use during the weekends. It is fully customizable to your schedule and lifestyle.

Consult with expert HVAC companies Tampa Fl like Sunair Tampa and find out more about saving money on your air conditioning bills this summer!