Great Green Cleaning Products to Help Clean Up Your Home

Kennith Bogan


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In gentle of comprehensive discretion, I had this article all lined up to go reside in celebration of Earth Day, and then COVID hit our home and completely knocked us out for a reliable two months. Our whole lives were put on the backburner as we slept and Netflix’d our way by way of it. Now that we’re on the other facet of it, my want to deep clean and reset our house is in complete overdrive, so it does sense specially fitting to be sharing this round up of Lark & Linen authorised green cleaning solutions currently.

Creating the switch from toxic cleansing products and solutions to these of the cleaner range was a move I made years ago in an endeavor to

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How to Clean After a Major Renovation Project

Kennith Bogan

Renovations aren’t often a awful matter. They do, following all, let us to attain the residence remodeling physical appearance we have always ideal. What follows is the crux of the matter.

Renovating a property may possibly be expensive and time-consuming, but lots of people today undervalue the amount of money of labor that need to be accomplished to thoroughly clean everything up just after that.

Because of this, we’ve put jointly some ideas on producing your renovation cleansing as effective as attainable. This manual will assist you reduce problems and save revenue and exertion in the system!

Let’s go for it!


Have out a remaining inspection of the contractor’s function

Necessary Cleansing Up Guidelines

Doing a last stroll-via with your contractor prior to they depart is a outstanding idea in scenario there are any issues or repairs that require to be dealt with. This should really also be finished when

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How To Clean Dog Vomit From Wool Rug (The Best Way)

Kennith Bogan

Updated on March 22, 2022 by Brett

While people very seldom vomit on our rugs, our dogs and cats sometimes do. One thing you should know is the difference in vomit and regurgitation. 

Pets will sometimes eat too much dry food too fast, and it comes right back up as soon as they become active again. It looks like mushy kibble with some shape left, not just pool of nasty gravy stuff, which is real vomit.

Either way it is not really difficult to eliminate completely with today’s machines and cleaners. 

In this post, you’ll learn, how to clean dog vomit from wool rug without damaging the fibers or color of your delicate rugs.

How to Clean Dog Vomit from Wool Rug And Carpet: (Step By Step)

Removing fresh pet vomit from wool carpet and rugs is relatively easier than dealing with older pet stains. Follow our best method which

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How To Clean Polyester Shaggy Rug (According To Expert)

Kennith Bogan

Updated on April 6, 2022 by Brett

Polyester rugs are much stronger than natural fibers, but they have a negative static charge that attracts and holds dirt, so they get dirty fast. 

This man made fiber is less prone to stains, but it can be more difficult to get stains out after they dry, age or get heated by washing. Polyester rugs require less care more often than expensive natural fibers.

If you’re looking for the best ways of cleaning polyester shaggy rugs you’ve landed on the right spot. Read on to learn about our best cleaning methods.

How to Clean a Polyester Shaggy Rug? (The Best Ways)

Method 1: Daily Cleaning with a Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1: Taking care of polyester rugs requires a little work every day.

Step 2: Vacuum in one direction one day and the opposite the next.

Step 3: Vacuum under half

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Can You Steam Clean A Wool Rug (Is it Really Safe?)

Kennith Bogan

Updated on March 20, 2022 by Brett

I have advised people never to steam clean wool rug, and generally that is true, as wool is a natural fiber that shrinks. However, all carpets need steam cleaning every year or 18 months.

Carpets or rugs cannot be washed in a machine, and steam cleaning is the only way to get out all the detritus of living.

So, yes, you can and should steam clean your wool rug and carpets. However, wool needs a bit of extra care, so I will help you do it right.

Why Should You Steam Clean Your Wool Rug?

advantage of steam cleaning rug

Vacuuming gets out most of the dust, dander and other stuff, but some inevitably gets stuck. Dry cleaning at home will not get all of it out either, and commercial dry cleaning is not dry. They use steam and charge a bundle for what you can

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4 Tips to Deep Clean a Pre-Owned Place You Have Recently Moved Into

Kennith Bogan

Relocating to a new household is 1 of the most
inescapable parts of lifetime. People move for several causes. Some, shift simply because of
education and learning. Some transfer to a new house to start a household and a new daily life. Some have
to relocate to a new metropolis and a new residence owing to their work transfer. In any
circumstance, relocating to a new household can provide you plenty of new choices. A new property
is like a bare campus. You can make it your very own with the ideal sort of décor
and objects that will signify you, your taste and your identity far too. But
ahead of you get started decking it up the way you want, you require to consider a extremely crucial
portion. And that is the deep cleaning of the house.

The former inhabitants of the household, no
issue how nicely-intentioned they were

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