Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Designing a Backsplash to Complete Your Space

Kennith Bogan

If you’re wanting for kitchen area transforming concepts, take into account these solutions for your kitchen area backsplash!

Renovating your kitchen area can be an enjoyable proposition. The system is entire of options — as a house owner, you can increase your kitchen’s perform, resolve design and style and structural difficulties, and produce a magnificent house all in 1 fell swoop. Backsplashes are a flexible resource in kitchen remodeling, and when completed nicely, these stylish attributes can insert the perfect finishing touch to a useful, roomy kitchen. If you’re searching for kitchen area reworking thoughts, take into consideration these alternatives for your kitchen area backsplash!

Complete vs. Standard Kitchen area Backsplash

In the earlier, backsplashes ordinarily extended about 4 inches over the countertop. This is identified as a conventional backsplash. However, features that go over complete walls are getting to be far more and extra popular. A

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27 Statement Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Kennith Bogan

Dustin Halleck

When it comes to bathroom interior design, the vanity isn’t just a necessary fixture—more often than not, it’s a focal point. Hence the reason you’ll rarely see a designer bypassing the opportunity to make a statement with a bathroom vanity. Whether it’s transforming a French bombe chest into a one-of-a-kind vanity or opting to commission a custom vanity fabricated from an unexpected material like lacquer or stone, designers are full of tricks to frill out this seemingly utilitarian piece.

One of the easiest ways to transform an ordinary vanity into one worthy of second and third glances? Color. Especially when paired with a fun wallpaper—a designer favorite for pint-sized powder rooms—a colorful vanity can be an ingenious way to set a playful mood in motion. Painted wood vanities aren’t the only option for procuring color, either. Designers are notorious for fashioning bathroom vanities from nontraditional materials, including mirrored

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30 Dreamy White Bedroom Ideas

Kennith Bogan

Jacqueline Marque

Peaceful, serene, cathartic—the adjectives to describe a white bedroom are plentiful. Designers aiming to create restorative and rejuvenating bedrooms are no stranger to forgoing color in favor of a white palette. When applied right, white and its many constituents—see: ivory, cream, ecru—are every bit as expressive as their more colorful counterparts. While some are fond of going white-on-white, others are fans of pairing white with high-contrast hues like black or blue. Still, others prefer partnering it with whispers of color to cue up a dreamy retreat that goes as easy on the eyes as it does on the soul.

Part of the beauty of white is its different tones which can evoke a multitude of moods. Shades of cream and almond (any white with a yellow undertone, really) are prime for imbuing bedrooms with a cozy, sun-dappled feel. On the other end of the spectrum, whites underpinned with

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7 Fresh Ideas for Bringing Nature Into Your Home

Kennith Bogan

Aleksandra ZlatkovicGetty Photographs

Soon after a lot of time keeping within, nature’s simply call may well appear especially loud proper about now. And there are numerous methods to answer it with out committing to, say, a weekend camping trip if that’s not your form of issue. With a several effortless tweaks, you can knowledge the excellent outdoor from the convenience of your have home—even if you really do not have considerably of a yard or even a single blade of grass to converse of.

From imaginative means to flex your green thumb to going wild with bouquets, listed here are some outside-the-box approaches to bring the outdoor in.

1. Enable your back garden increase.

You do not need a devoted outdoor space to set down roots. An indoor herb garden—stocked with basil, parsley, thyme, chives, and other recipe staples—only requirements about 6 hours of daylight a day. And with

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Home Improvement Ideas: Transforming Your Space with Baseboards and Crown Molding

Kennith Bogan

If you want to include some elegance and stylistic flair all through your upcoming residence advancement task, take into consideration introducing baseboards and crown molding!

Baseboards, crown molding, and other millwork attributes are some of the unsung heroes of interior layout: these accents can make a enormous stylistic statement, but folks don’t generally observe them ideal absent. Continue to, as significantly as household advancement assignments go, incorporating millwork is a relatively simple challenge that can develop a wholly new appear in your residence. If you want to increase some magnificence and stylistic flair during your up coming dwelling enhancement challenge, contemplate adding baseboards and crown molding!

Adding Baseboards, Crown Molding, and Other Millwork is an Fantastic Property Advancement Job

When you make investments in residence advancement projects, you don’t often get to see a huge transformation. Absolutely sure, redoing your fire or including window solutions is an

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25 Gorgeous Blue Bedrooms – Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Kennith Bogan

Jose Manuel Alorda

From Prussian to Tiffany to cobalt, it’s safe to say designers are mad about blue. The cool hue, renowned for its ability to incite feelings of calmness is a designer go-to for bedrooms. While some revere hushed shades of blue that conjure up visions of sea and sky, others prefer more attention-getting shades—think: royal blue and cerulean—that evoke nautical notes, especially when paired with snippets of bright white. And let’s not forget the moodiest iterations of all: indigo and navy. Both hues pair effortlessly with neutrals like cognac (not to mention, quasi-neutrals like leopard), and have a knack for making even basics like plain white bedding look magnificently richer.

If you’ve been rhapsodizing about a blue bedroom, consider pulling inspiration from traditional blue decor. Ginger jars, for instance, can provide a dramatic jumping-off point for blue bedrooms, as can classic textiles like blue and white toile or

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