The Boring Co. wants to build an underground transit loop in flood-prone Fort Lauderdale. Can it be done?

Kennith Bogan

Talk to South Floridians about their basements, and you will likely get a bemused seem. Couple of basements, or other underground constructions, exist in South Florida for the reason that the h2o desk is just 3 to 8 ft underneath the land’s surface area. Plus, a great deal of the point out is developed on reclaimed wetlands, with its geology largely consisting of sand and karst, or eroded limestone, which is porous, instead unstable and vulnerable to sinkholes. Coupled with that, a good deal of Southeast Florida, at much less than 6 toes higher than sea degree, floods commonly, even without having storms. The flooding is receiving even worse with climate modify, as are the drenching storms like hurricanes.

With those ailments, how feasible is The Uninteresting Co.’s unsolicited proposal to make an underground loop transit venture in Fort Lauderdale? Civil engineers and transportation professionals say it really is possible,

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