Florida Realtors 2021 Member Profile: A Look Beyond Sales and Prices

Kennith Bogan

Florida Realtors economist: NAR’s most current Florida Realtors Member Profile seems past 2020 dwelling profits and costs, offering a nearer appear at the Realtors who manufactured it come about. It presents specifics these kinds of as the state’s Real estate agent demographics, companies and group determination.

ORLANDO, Fla – The 2020 real estate tale – the pause and drop of revenue thanks to COVID-19 followed by a shocking bounce-back to some of the strongest gross sales on record – has been informed time and time once again.

But what is recognised about those people at the rear of the scenes – the agents, brokers and appraisers – supporting the narrative? The Countrywide Affiliation of Realtors® (NAR) carried out the 2021 Member Profile Florida Realtors® Report to get rid of light-weight on the pros that created it transpire.

Who are you?

  • 65% of Realtors® mentioned they have been feminine as
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