37 Timeless Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Kennith Bogan

Sara Essex Bradley

They say opposites attract, but the jury’s still out on whether those who reside on polar ends of the spectrum actually reside together for long. One exception? Black and white. A designer favorite that dates all the way back to America’s first “official” interior decorator, Dorothy Draper, black and white is both classic and avant-garde. Designers adore using the combo anywhere, but especially the bathroom, where hard surfaces reign supreme and opportunities for textiles are limited. Whether used in exclusivity or as a statement color sidekick, a black and white palette makes a dramatic impact in the bathroom.

From classic black and white penny tile to all-over black and white Arabescato marble, black and white can skew pragmatic or hyper-luxe. Part of the appeal of a black and white bath, of course, is that the majority of residential bathrooms come equipped with white porcelain fixtures, making any

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27 Beautiful White Bathrooms – White Bathroom Ideas 2021

Kennith Bogan

Max Kim-Bee

To those up-to-date on the most recent, eye-catching home decor trends, a white bathroom may seem like an ultra-safe option. But, an all-white bathroom can communicate cleanliness, luster and polished simplicity in a way few other designs can. A no-nonsense look that generates a feeling of serenity, the white bathroom is a certified classic.

Pearly white subway tiles installed on a wall, a vintage ivory vanity and pigment-less cabinetry can all make a white bathroom truly shine and sparkle. Highlighted by tiling, quality furnishings and metal or wood accents, white bathrooms have certainly captured the attention of countless homeowners and designers. And, it’s easy to see why. With the right touches, a somewhat dull bathroom can transform into a bright and relaxing spa, perfect for a night soaking in the tub.

And just because it’s white, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are plenty of creative

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White House announces guidelines to boost unions in the federal workforce

Kennith Bogan

Dive Transient:

  • Vice President Kamala Harris and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh introduced new guidelines last 7 days to inspire federal personnel to be part of unions.
  • Federal agencies will be expected to tell new hires and occupation candidates about unions all through the employing and onboarding course of action. Unions may also sit in for the duration of new personnel education classes, according to a memo from the United States Office of Staff Administration (OPM).
  • Federal government businesses will also will need to connect with recent personnel in the course of the yr about their collective bargaining rights and how to contact their respective unions, the memo explained. The guidelines do not appear to prolong to govt contractors.

Dive Perception:

Harris and Walsh, respective chair and vice-chair of the Process Pressure on Worker Organizing and Empowerment, declared the recommendations throughout a roundtable session on Oct. 20. 

Over 1.2 million federal

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White House Targets Economic Risks from Climate Change

Kennith Bogan

A new 40-page report takes a broad view on steps being taken to mitigate risks, including possible HUD and VA buyer disclosures on flood and climate-related threats.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Biden administration is taking steps to address the economic risks from climate change, issuing a 40-page report Friday on government-wide plans to protect the financial, insurance and housing markets, and the savings of American families.

Under the report, the mortgage process, stock market disclosures, retirement plans, federal procurement and government budgeting are all being reconsidered so the country could price in the risks being created by climate change. The report is a follow-up to a May executive order by President Joe Biden that essentially calls on the government to analyze how extreme heat, flooding, storms, wildfires and broader adjustments to address climate change could affect the world’s largest economy.

“If this year has shown us anything, it’s that climate

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How to Get Rid of White Fluffy Bugs Appearing in the Southeast

Kennith Bogan

John CancalosiGetty Photographs

If you have found white fuzz on the trees and leaves in your garden recently, it is not snow or cotton — this white coating is basically insects. These white fluffy bugs are termed Asian woolly hackberry aphids and normally show up in the Upper South region of the United States and in much of Asia. Whilst they really don’t bring about damage to individuals, they are a nuisance to property owners thanks to the sticky sap they develop.

Just like stink bugs, these pests typically show up in drop, with sightings reported in the Southeast, southern Midwest, Texas and California, according to HGTV. While the bugs do not chunk or sting, they continue to bring about a nuisance by developing a sweet, sticky honeydew as they feed on the sap of sugarberry and hackberry trees. The very clear goop then falls on sidewalks, cars

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30 Dreamy White Bedroom Ideas

Kennith Bogan

Jacqueline Marque

Peaceful, serene, cathartic—the adjectives to describe a white bedroom are plentiful. Designers aiming to create restorative and rejuvenating bedrooms are no stranger to forgoing color in favor of a white palette. When applied right, white and its many constituents—see: ivory, cream, ecru—are every bit as expressive as their more colorful counterparts. While some are fond of going white-on-white, others are fans of pairing white with high-contrast hues like black or blue. Still, others prefer partnering it with whispers of color to cue up a dreamy retreat that goes as easy on the eyes as it does on the soul.

Part of the beauty of white is its different tones which can evoke a multitude of moods. Shades of cream and almond (any white with a yellow undertone, really) are prime for imbuing bedrooms with a cozy, sun-dappled feel. On the other end of the spectrum, whites underpinned with

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