The Most Popular Services Offered By Lawn Care Professionals

Kennith Bogan

If you’re getting tired of taking care of your lawn or you have a lawn that looks like it could use some TLC, it may be time to hire a professional lawn care service. While most individuals recognize that these professionals come out and mow lawns, that’s not the only service that they perform. In fact, a good quality lawn care company will offer its clients multiple services to keep their lawns looking fresh all year round.

To start off our list of services offered by lawn care pros, we’re going to discuss aeration. This is a commonly offered service that should be performed once every three years on a typical lawn. Aeration happens when your lawn care professional uses a walk-behind metal tube aeration device to allow holes for water, fertilizer, air, and other organic matter to reach the roots of the grass. This aeration device has little metal tubes that pull small chunks of the soil and grass out of the ground and it deposits them back onto the surface. This process is essential in keeping your lawn in tip-top shape.

Another common service that lawn care professionals perform is seeding. This is one of the more expensive services out there, but extremely necessary to fill in any thinned-out areas of your lawn. These seeds get spread out to create a denser lawn. When your lawn is dense with grass, it tends to discourage pests and weeds from overtaking your lawn. Proper seeding requires that the surface of the grass be scuffed up to allow the seeds to penetrate the soil. A good quality lawn care service will know exactly how to seed your lawn for maximum density development.

Fertilizing is another service which your lawn care professional should provide. There are various types of fertilizers out there and specific versions work for different climate areas. An experienced landscape professional will know the right type of fertilizer to apply to your grass to ensure the nutrition of the fertilizer gets released at the right rate for your grass’s root system to develop properly.

The last service that we’re going to discuss is irrigation systems Eau Claire. If you have a garden or a new lawn, having the right irrigation can make all the difference in how your landscape looks. While you may be thinking that you can simply water your lawn yourself without having to have an irrigation system installed, that’s not always the best option. Overwatering can lead to a muddy mess while underwatering can keep new grass from properly growing. By having a professional install a timed irrigation system, you can be assured that your lawn is getting the right amount of irrigation to grow strong and last long.

Hiring a lawn care professional can help to make your lawn look amazing and lower your routine maintenance needs. However, you want to ensure you hire a company that offers are a variety of services so you can use one company for all your needs. At the bare minimum, any good quality lawn care professional will offer the services listed above.

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