July 13, 2020


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Finding mold in a family’s home can be very worrisome. Generally, mold is found in damp areas of the home that have a moisture leak. When the site of the leak is repaired, whether it is from a leaking foundation or a bad joint along the water pipe system, it is very likely that the mold growth will slow to a halt. However, it needs to be cleaned up quickly once the source of moisture is eliminated or there could be further complications.

Mold Damage Could Become Extensive

If mold is allowed to remain rather than be cleaned up, the mold damage could become very extensive if moisture returns. There is always the risk of a failed repair, which might ignite an explosion in the mold population. By having mold removal in Houston, the homeowner can keep the mold growth in check before it has an opportunity to get out of control.

Mold Is Toxic to People and Pets

While there are more species of mold than many people realize, some of the ones that grow within the walls, crawl spaces, and cabinets of homes are known to be toxic. One of the most feared, black mold, can pose serious health risks to individuals who live in homes infested with it. Sensitive family members and pets may even demonstrate the respiratory symptoms of mold exposure.

Offensive Odors

The smell of mold is not pleasant at all. If mold is left within the house, especially in a damp basement or bathroom, the smell could reach throughout the structure. Mold has a very distinct smell, and it can be very hard to remove the odor once it permeates throughout the house. By removing the mold, the source of the odor is removed.

Increased Risk of Food Contamination with Spores

While mold spores are already naturally occurring in the air, a home that is suffering from mold growth and damage will have a significantly increased number of spores inside. This increases the risk of food spoilage within moldy rooms, which could render food unsafe to eat rather prematurely.

By having all of the mold removed after water damage, the family can breathe easy without worrying about becoming ill. If the mold reappears, it is important to address the problem in a timely manner to minimize damage to the home.